Front wing FURY

Style: Race, marathon, long-distance, enduro, advanced freeride, bigair

Best for: advanced, experts

  • Wing span: 660 mm
  • Chord: 100 mm
  • Area: 520 cm2
  • Aspect ratio: 8.4
  • Weight: g ± 5%
  • Material: carbon prepreg

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It's name speaks for itself. This wing has a great stability at high speed and offers you maximum glide and exceptional efficiency. For advanced riders who loves foiling at high speed and traveling long-distance by foil.

  • High aspect wing with anhedral profile
  • wide speed range (from 20 до 55 km/h, comfort speed 24 - 40 km/h)
  • highly controllable and stable at high speed
  • recommended to use with FAST stabilizer *